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Blogging Insights from the Size15Stylist
Have you ever wondered what blogging was really all about?
Met someone who introduced their job title as Blogger, but after five minutes you still didn't know what they did, apart from spend all day at home online?   
Intrigued by the transferable skills blogging affords and wondering how you can convince an employer of this credible past-time?

Thinking about starting a blog but wondering whether the lifestyle will suit you? 

Manager just told you that you're the team's new Blogger, and you have no idea where to start?

Then Blogging Insights from the Size15Stylist, written by the lifestyle blogger Size15Stylist (AKA Emma Jordan), will soothe your blogging itch!

Packed full of relatable moments to entertain both bloggers and bloggees in a friendly, relaxed style, there's also a handy glossary, offering insights into blogging vernacular, and a practical resource chapter of book and blog suggestions to take the novice blogger further into the blogosphere.

Blogging Insights from the Size15Stylist differs from blogging how to guides as it offers the conversational tone unique to bloggers, covering key insights into the life of a giddy blogger: the blogging lifestyle, possible income streams, just how much technical expertise a blogger wields and where this blogger finds her source of inspiration and support.

119 Style Boosts from the Size15Stylist  

If you have ever had a lifestyle change (had a baby, lost weight, changed your job, your relationship or your location) then you may have temporarily lost your inner style twirl. 

As a busy woman it is all too easy to overlook the importance of looking good to feel good.

The Size15Stylist blogger, Emma Jordan, has written this handy style reminder for Every woman, of every size, shape and demeanor, to support and befriend you in styling and shopping in the twenty-first century.

Included in the book are chapters covering:
1 - Who is the Size15Stylist?
2 - Essentials of Style
3 - Colourful, shapely features
4 - Successful Shopping
5 - Shopping the Sales
6 - Home and Life Style
7 - Stylish Travel Tips
8 - Bags and Accessories
9 - Five Minute Boosts
10 - Style Edit
11 - Resources

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