Five Reasons why Blinded by the Light is a blinding film.

Let me take a brief sidestep from travel to wander down the path of my other passion: music (followed by film as an easy third alternative to finding and replacing myself).

A few months ago, some friends asked if I'd like to see a new film, when it hit the screens this summer. A British comedy drama, with a Springsteen soundtrack?
 The date was booked in the diary and the countdown to the summer began. 

And Blinded by the Light, based on the true memoir of Sarfraz Manzoor, Greetings from Bury Park: Race. Religion. Rock 'n' Roll, and directed by Gurinder Chadha is a blinding film.

Here's why:

1  The anthems

You don't need to fully appreciate Springsteen to fall in love with the film; it's probably better if you don't know the rich catalogue of Jersey stories available as it could distract from the story.

This film works because of the instantly recognisable lyrics from iconic 80s Springsteen anthems. Author, lead screenwriter and Bruuuuuce superfan, Manzoor knows a lot of songs from his 150 plus gig attendances; these songs were chosen with care.

2  Viveik Kalra

Get ready to hear his name a lot.  Relatively new to the acting world, he owns the screen, bringing the audience in to every experience he portrays as frustrated teen Javed. Especially the Badlands scene.

3  Resonating Beauty

The beauty of this film lies in the innocence of the three young characters who are ready to change the world. The reality is that thirty years on we still face the same race, religion and