Diary of the Size15Stylist

There are so many fun things on my to do list: publish a novel (once I’ve finished writing it), write book reviews, travel (always), make dresses (finally the craft room has a voice).

And there are still five weeks of term (I work in Education as well as parent MiniDgtl). 

AND Easter is taken up with other stuff (Legoland Windsor, London, Cornwall daycations, possibly Butlins if I can wangle it).   

Plus, I’m so shattered on a Monday night after driving MiniDgtl around that I’ve begun a new routine – Will and Grace in a bubble bath; thank you Amazon Prime for showing 8 seasons.

So, who the hell has time to think never mind reflect? 

I also need to sort out my blog, as I haven’t published anything in almost six months! October still feels like it was the other week. And we’re nearing St Patrick’s Day. And the end of the Six Nations. 

I have managed to do a fair bit of reading, though, for research (AND watching 80s movies) and for pleasure, so I’ll write up my reviews this weekend for the book review posts.  In between swimming lessons and housework and playing rock-paper-scissors to see who’s doing the food shop.

I did find time for the post-hibernation hair removal this weekend, though. Over three bathroom sessions.  Just the arms to sort out next week.
How’s your winter been?


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