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48 hours in Finnish Lapland: Searching for Santa in Saariselka

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some unforgettable destinations - across Asia, Europe and North America.  Yet, I’ve never considered any of them a once-in-a-lifetime experience (although it’ll be a long while before I hike the Great Wall of China in August again).  If a destination is that great, then with a little luck and hard work,you can return.
However, as our recent trip to Lapland approached I realised that this was actually one of those trips. 
Mini is almost six, so very much still a believer, as are her classmates.  Her cousins are also old enough to maintain the magic, or deal with the consequences.  
More importantly, she can dress herself, sleep in hotel beds and pop off to the toilet when she fancies.
So, last January, we booked a two-night break in snowy Saariselka, within the Finnish Arctic Circle, with Santa’s Lapland.  

As it was only a weekend, we opted to fly from Exeter, our local airport, cutting out the eight hour round trip to London.A good decision, too, as…