Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Why the Boots Emporium is the ultimate personalised gift service

My local shopping centre, Drake Circus in Plymouth, celebrated their 10th birthday this weekend, which, was the perfect time to investigate the brand new, year-round, Emporium from Boots, at their Blogger party on Saturday. 

So, what’s an Emporium, you may ask? 

Apart from ahhh-mazing, this unique gifting experience is only available to around 300 Boots’ stores in the UK, and it will be available all year round, so not disappearing as soon as the Friday Star Gift  does.  There are plans to expand the service, too, depending on customer’s feedback and needs.

The shiny new section offers a showcasing, gift-boxing and engraving service for all customers.

It’s the ultimate in high street (or shopping centre) personalised gifting. 

Customers can now have almost any gift engraved (works particularly well on glass fragrance bottles, plastic make-up palettes, metallic lipsticks and some cardboard boxes)

And it will only cost you three shiny gold coins; £3.   

Yes, £3.

Any sized message, or initials, as long as it will fit on the product

One price per engraving, not per character or space-between-character.

There are a range of letter sizes to choose from, in one font, which will then be coloured in using black, silver, gold or white ink, depending upon the item’s lettering.  

Ideal for the person who thinks they have it all. 

We had a tour of the facility from the fabulous Hazel and Alice, and they are more than happy to advise on the technical details with customers – all you have to do is choose what you’d like to buy, and your message.  You can even bring in an item you have previously bought from Boots to be engraved - just show the receipt to the engravers and away you go.
There are some handy examples and images dotted around the Emporium to offer inspiration.

It only takes a few minutes for the machine to etch the letters on your gift – if, like me, you’re a bit of a haul-shopper, you may be chatting with Hazel and Alice for a little while longer.
You could have a cosmetic personalised with your favourite photo and a free engraving on the metallic tag on the back - which will take around 9 days.  

The gift box service offers two colours (pink or grey) in small (£4) medium (£5) and large (£6).  Ribbon is on the way to the Drake Circus branch, either plain or personalised, ranging also from £4 - £6. 

I also had a chat from the lovely Elaine, an independent advisor for Boots’ new Beautiful You service, which launched last month, to support your specific skincare needs.  As she’s not attached to one brand in particular, you'll hear about the most suitable products for your skin, based on a quick skincare analysis.

So, pretty much this year you’ll have to find another excuse not to find the perfect gift for your loved ones!

And I might have to ask Santa for a set of Size15Stylist engraved, hot pink, make up brushes from Real Technique this year. A girl can never have too many brushes....and it’s a perfect hygge opportunity to practice my sewing sklls and have a go at making a cute make-up brush roll!

What messages will you gift to your darlings this year?


  1. This is perfect timing for Christmas! I can see a lot of people personalising items for pressies. It sounds like it was a good event and I wish I went!

  2. The great news is that the Emporium is there to stay! Happy shopping!


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