Friday, 5 August 2016

Fashion Review: Elle-oh AW16 Style

Because I'm in no hurry to say goodbye to summer, it's with equal measures of trepidation and giddiness I write this post, about the September issue of Elle UK AKA The Fashion Issue; the first gander at the trends that High Street stores (such as River Island, you're about to discover) and Designers (some outstanding Fendi dream bags...mind, I am 40 next year....) have chosen for the unsuspecting public. Note; style and fashion are not the same, but they can both be great fun.

In short....I LOVE September glossies that are out in August! 

Especially the ones with a FREE Benefit (non-eye) product attached, such as their iconic bronzer (Hoola) in dewy liquid form: Dew the Hoola:

Elle-oh, thinks the Size15Stylist: freebie!

Being of the English rose/alabaster complexion, I am so happy this looks lovely on my cheeks, as the rather dark looking liquid on the back of my hand had me actual balking, but it blends beautifully;  may have to pop a full-sized product on my Boots October Event Wish List. 

There's even a handy advertorial on page 291 for either 1) an all-over-glow or 2) clever contouring. I'm half-tempted to summon my four year old assistant for a rummage through my cosmetics drawers and sideline all powder products in favour of the creams and liquids to perk up my drained complexion.  It'll be a handy rainy day activity. 

Beauty Instructions are the ONLY kind to follow.

So in between a Shimmer and Shine episode and pre-bedtime milk, I managed a quick glance through the issue before Mini Me went to bed, and I spotted a few trends on their way: Frills, Velvet and the Stomper Platform.  Hopefully not all at the same time, although maximimalism (as opposed to minimalism) is mentioned an awful lot, so Austin Powers might be on a comeback.  

Must not look like Austin Powers

I'm going to keep my eyes open for tailored velvet pieces to subtly update my wardrobe for Autumn, probably starting with H&M, my favourite straight-from-the-runway-store.

And though not a store I normally go in - have no idea why; I ALWAYS coveted their carrier bags as a 90s teenager - River Island is on my radar this season, thanks to this fabulously mad jacket that is only £65 and will need to be tried on to be believed (I imagine it'll dwarf my 5' 2" frame, but it looks so snuggly) 

Snuggly late-Autumn wear

Handy, then, that October's Elle UK will have a 25% River Island discount nestled 'tween it's pages.  

Now, if you'll excuse me, my darling daughter has finally crashed out so I'm off for a Bath and Body Works bubble bath to enjoy the rest of my magazine (read: indulge in some bag-porn).  

Disclaimer: I paid for this fantabulously huge magazine myself, because I wanted the mini Hoola, and because it's only the second week of the school holidays. I received no money or accolade for this post, save the adoration from my gorgeous readers, but I will likely take advantage of the 25% River Island discount available in next month's Elle. 

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