5 ways to wear yourself fabulous on fat days

I'm about to have one of *those* days, where body parts just feel ... ripe. You know what I mean?

Body sensitive is an understatement. 

Nothing will fit quite right, my temperature will increase just  e v e r  so slightly, but I'll feel like I'm in a volcano, and I'll wish my belly button was actually a valve that I could loosen to release the bloated fatness. And my ankles will disappear.

So, how do I get through those fun-filled 24 hours, assuming I can't hide under the duvet? 

1. Leggings and a loose dress.

Dress + Leggings = Happy Size15Stylist

These two items are my standard wardrobe attire, and I have a lot of both, but they ensure my shoutiness is reigned in. Most of the time. Loose and simple is the key. But you don't have to wear the LD combo, there are some gorgeous loungewear options out there; think relaxed jersey and snuggly cashmere cardigans against moda camis and t-shirts.  Yum! If you have to wear a uniform, why not order a size bigger for these special occasions?

2. Choose your underwear carefully. 
No pokey wires or annoying trims. Go big (knickers; ensure you have had a bra fitting recently) or go home. Or to bed if you're already home. Hell, go braless if you can. However there are a gorgeous range of seamless, unpadded bras available in most stores, that almost make fat days fun.  Well, they allow room for the chocolate eating by not digging into your stomach at the end of the day.

3. Think! Feet!

When body, and outside, temperatures increase, things start to swell and sway.  Ditch the heels and flip-flop, ballet-flat or sneaker your way through the day, whatever you're most comfy in. This is why it's handy to buy the prettiest flat shoes that you can afford.

4.  Bag. 

Great news - any bag can make you feel fabulous, every day.  Just fill it with the necessaries: water, chocolate, sunnies (to block out the world), headphones (to block out the noise of the world); pain relief pills and spare leggings if necessary. 

Karen Millen SS2015

5. Wear fabulous your way. 
Look, your body is fantastic, take a peek at what it can actually do! Mini Stylist is absolutely fascinated with just breathing at the moment, never mind all the running, jumping, walking, sitting and lying down we can do.  

Indulge the bloat and then enjoy the upcoming skinny days. 

How do you wear fabulous? Why not share your tips in the comments box below?!

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