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5 ways to wear yourself fabulous on fat days

I'm about to have one of *those* days, where body parts just feel ... ripe. You know what I mean?

Body sensitive is an understatement. 

Nothing will fit quite right, my temperature will increase just  e v e r  so slightly, but I'll feel like I'm in a volcano, and I'll wish my belly button was actually a valve that I could loosen to release the bloated fatness. And my ankles will disappear.

So, how do I get through those fun-filled 24 hours, assuming I can't hide under the duvet? 

1. Leggings and a loose dress.

These two items are my standard wardrobe attire, and I have a lot of both, but they ensure my shoutiness is reigned in. Most of the time. Loose and simple is the key. But you don't have to wear the LD combo, there are some gorgeous loungewear options out there; think relaxed jersey and snuggly cashmere cardigans against moda camis and t-shirts.  Yum! If you have to wear a uniform, why not order a size bigger for these special occasions?

2. Choose your unde…

Fashion Review: Elle-oh AW16 Style

Because I'm in no hurry to say goodbye to summer, it's with equal measures of trepidation and giddiness I write this post, about the September issue of Elle UK AKA The Fashion Issue; the first gander at the trends that High Street stores (such as River Island, you're about to discover) and Designers (some outstanding Fendi dream bags...mind, I am 40 next year....) have chosen for the unsuspecting public. Note; style and fashion are not the same, but they can both be great fun.

In short....I LOVE September glossies that are out in August! 

Especially the ones with a FREE Benefit (non-eye) product attached, such as their iconic bronzer (Hoola) in dewy liquid form: Dew the Hoola:

Being of the English rose/alabaster complexion, I am so happy this looks lovely on my cheeks, as the rather dark looking liquid on the back of my hand had me actual balking, but it blends beautifully;  may have to pop a full-sized product on my Boots October Event Wish List. 

There's even a handy …