Are Holland and Barrett changing the way we shop?

One of only 3 flagship Holland and Barrett More stores opened in Plymouth's Drake Circus mall on Thursday – have you been in yet?   The other two stores are in York and Chester, so the South West really has something to shout about retail-wise this week!

I think I've only ever been into H&B for energy bars (read Nakd cocoa bars) however I popped in on launch day for a complimentary tour and was hugely impressed with the range of healthy beauty products available alongside the healthy food options, including the fabulous Dr Organic, Weleda and  Yes to Carrots/Tomatoes/Cucumber et al range - which I've sent MrS15S pootling around Europe for in the past - so my inner twirl was seriously twirling. 

All beauty items in store are natural and paraben- SLS- and microplastics- free, and I'm sure the knowledgeable and friendly staff would help you identify the best products for your own needs, as well explaining the chemistry behind the nature.

You can even have a go at creating your own scrubs and lip balms - perfect Christmas ideas aplenty!

Or try out the vegan nail polish range, Zoya (I suspect my Mum's vegetarian friend will receive one or two of these for her upcoming birthday).

 I could easily potter around the Beauty Kitchen for hours, and it's a great place for gift ideas - who doesn't deserve a little bit of natural luxury every now and then?

But lets not forget the food and drink, which includes a frozen and chilled section for vegetarians who like food on the go - also suitable for non-vegetarians - the Bees Knees honey centre, and some fabulous bars/stations for you to select your own goodies: 

The Tea Bar (very stylish tea cups displayed under glass cloches; automatic relaxing life hack?)

The Olive Bar 

The Dressing station (fab range of balsamic vinegar and oils)

The Pick n (freakin' gorgeous) Mix (absolutely recommend the pineapple chunks and Dark Chocolate Coated Cranberries)

This new concept store encourages that greatest of shopping vices; b r o w s i n g. Slowing down your mind and body to simply indulge your senses, which ultimately empowers healthy living. 

Swiftly followed by invigorating interaction in supporting customers to really understand healthy living - it's like Legoland for Mummies and Daddies.  Try a ten minute browse next time you're dashing around on errands; as much fun as a Zone Out Latte in the sunshine.

When was the last time shopping was so much fun?

I received a cute goody bag at the launch, however all comments are mine own. But obviously.  

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