Are you a Me Time Practitioner?

I’m a busy Mum (aren’t we all?) and I’m a Me Time Practitioner. 

Er, what now? 

Well, I regularly shove parenting duties, housework (little encouragement needed) any kind of work-work and social engagements to one side, and I take care of myself, as the Boots’ research indicates we should, although Me Time is for non-Mums, too.  

Sometimes I pop 30 minutes into my diary, sometimes an afternoon or day, usually once a week/month so that I can catch up on my favourite TV shows (not the ones I share with anyone else) or gorge on an Amazon video with a Bounty mid-morning. Sometimes I just hole up in the bathroom and gather my hundreds of beauty products for a bit of a tidy-up session, without a five year old investigative reporter by my side (Mummy, why are your toes hairy?).

Are Holland and Barrett changing the way we shop?

One of only 3 flagship Holland and Barrett More stores opened in Plymouth's Drake Circus mall on Thursday – have you been in yet?   The other two stores are in York and Chester, so the South West really has something to shout about retail-wise this week!

I think I've only ever been into H&B for energy bars (read Nakd cocoa bars) however I popped in on launch day for a complimentary tour and was hugely impressed with the range of healthy beauty products available alongside the healthy food options, including the fabulous Dr Organic, Weleda and  Yes to Carrots/Tomatoes/Cucumber et al range - which I've sent MrS15S pootling around Europe for in the past - so my inner twirl was seriously twirling.