Easter, Easter, I need an Easter

Only another week left of term; the cry of students and teachers across the UK as they claw their way to a (bleddy) Good Friday.  

As a parent, I do appreciate the sinking feeling this equally invokes of childcare Vs employer Vs self-employment issues.  But as a lecturer  - well, these four days cannot go fast enough. Except I have about three weeks' worth of work left to cram into my students' exhausted minds.  

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

(I've been planning on the sofa this afternoon with my little girl as she watches Finding Nemo, periodically reminding her that it's a Disney film, so there is a happy ending on the way). 

However, after about 18 hours sleep, in between lambing and Easter egg hunts, I have set aside some well overdue time over the break to maintain the Size15Stylist site, and upload some posts to get us all ready for the summer. 

In the meantime..... 

Let me know your thoughts on the very early Easter fortnight this year! 

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