ALMOST half-term; thank you for your patience!

I've been away from the blog for so long, that frankly I'm very grateful I got out of bed at 4 am on that chilly 26th December to queue up (with coffee and friends) outside Next

I found the perfect four dresses (have pockets; don't need ironing) that I've somehow managed to rotate with my other three staple dresses, and the appropriate cardi., into student-friendly outfits over the last six weeks. 

Talk about a working wardrobe! 

But, we only have two more sleeps until half-term, and then, after a spot of sleep (18 straight hours, please?) I'll update the blog.  Or pass out trying.  I may even find my camera again and take a few stylish photos. 

All I know is that the Spring/Summer 2016 stock will be on the shop floors very, very, soon, and this year the weather is actually mild enough to take advantage of the pastels and Breton stripes to look fabulous during the Six Nations rugby!  Look out H&M, I'm coming for you.

In the last few weeks I've also undertaken a gorgeous new enterprise, Gorgeous Cards and Stationery, because the only inner-twirl better than receiving a beautiful work of art in the post is that which is generated by buying and sending the right card for your favourite people! Feel free to browse this season's fab brochure on my Phoenix Trading website.

Keep in touch, mes amis.

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