Writing Time

Have you ever tried to type on a laptop whilst zipping along an M road at 70 mph?  

That's how I've spent the last couple of days, zipping between Devon, Gloucestershire and Somerset, holidaying, apple-picking and family-visiting. And, yes, yes, I was the passenger, lest anyone think I'm a complete barmpot (as if writing and publishing an ebook in 4 weeks isn't already in that category). 

It's a might tricky, but one qwerty letter at a time edged the word count towards my first 1000.  

I was writing, one step at a time.  

The fun really emerged during the late Autumn evening when I attempted to type in the dark - there must be a portable laptop light out in t'interweb world? 

Still, there's a couple of nursery days coming up, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are firmly in residence, so I'm looking forward to a spot of daylight - and stable - writing. 

Hope you're having a great half-term.

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