From WAHM to Working Mum: Missing Social Media and (sleep)

Now, this post isn't going to be a whinge-fest; I know I'm lucky to have a job, never mind one I love, and that I was lucky enough to work from home during my little girl's first years, ....

...but, by, 'eck I miss blogging, catching up on Twitter, creating Facebook posts and sharing in networking events. 

And I miss sleep like a Mum with a newborn baby.

So, quick recap - a month ago I earned myself an amazing job which means I spend half the week engaging students with historical events and political futures.  Turns out the other half of the week is given to creating resources, assessing, wondering how to strike that balance between scary and approachable, driving and utter exhaustion.  

The weekends have been given over to marking work and planning three lessons for Monday; two of which I team-teach (skill in itself). 

I now wake up and leave the house an hour before my little girl awakes, and manage a quick hour with her before bath and bed (hers; I haven't personally groomed beyond a quick shower in four weeks). 

But I really do love my job, and understand that this is a period of adjustment as I transition from Working from Home Mum (WAHM) to Working Mum. Like when I wake for the 3.42 am wee but then can't get back to sleep because I'm already thinking about how to make a lesson great, or a question I need to research. It's Autumn, FFS; the season of hibernation. And I've always been able to snuggle under the duvet for some blissful REM napping.

Yet, I do have a half-term coming up, which means when I wake at 4 am I plan on turning over and going back to my happy place.  And the Christmas holidays aren't far away. Then it'll be almost spring and revision and exams and then (best Olaf voice) SU-MM-ERRRRRRRR!)

Of course I miss my little girl, but she is now bonding with Daddy in the mornings and after nursery, and spending time with her Grandparents.  And I do have one day off during the week for lazy mornings and play centre visits with her. And I won't bring home a full week's work during those college holidays. 

I do miss blogging and engaging with my fabulous online community, though, more than I imagined, and my shopping trips have gone from tri-weekly to when I can see straight (I'm really looking forward to a potter around the Boots Beauty Gift Guide event this Thursday 1st October).  And at least I know I have a monthly salary instead of erratic semi-quarterly invoices (plus there's something fabulous about not having to save every penny of my self-employed payment, just in case work dried up).

But anyway, it's almost 3 pm, my to-do list is staring up at me, and the tummy grumbles as I've missed lunch again (thank the heavens for Mug Shot noodles).

Hopefully catch up around half-term, feel free to leave tips and comments on this post to keep me inspired and connected!


  1. Such is life! I am inbetween teaching and completing Cert Ed, part-time mum, part-time teacher and part-time student. My goal of being a Chinese teacher is a mix of passion and frustration, hope and despair, rewarding and challenging. I need to grow into an experienced teacher like you, I need to grow quicker!

  2. I know, what is it about teaching that makes time just disappear?! So much going on in a classroom, and lessons have to be all-singing, all-dancing affairs. I may have a few years experience on you but feels like I've just qualified again, lol. Couldn't have done this when Eve was any younger! Just wait until your students start telling you how much they love learning in your classes!

  3. Hope you get the balance just right! The jobs sounds fab and you have time off too to spend with your family, so thats perfect. I am sure you will get through your work - you sounds like you are very organised! Good luck xx

  4. Heheh, thank you! Being organised certainly helps, and regular rewards - off for a spot of shopping with Mini Blogger tomorrow to recover from planning and assessment!