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5 reasons why I love the end of summer

I live in the UK, in the beautiful south-west county of Devon, so I enjoy bountiful sunny days and balmy evenings for months on end, right?  

Not really.  

April and May are typically lovely, and the flip-flops come out from their hibernation around Easter time.  But the moment the actual summer arrives (June, July, August) the glorious weather seems to depart for better climes.

However, I've worn my ankle boots too often this summer as this year has been particularly wet, and I spent most of last week trying to dry out from the inside (I had to throw away the really soggy clothes that refused to dry). 

It was around the time of wringing out Mini Stylist's socks for the third time one day when I decided to make peace with not having had a summer (and vowed to book a winter sun break at the first opportunity). 

So I was delighted with a good run of three dry, if slightly cloudy, days at the start of the August Bank Holiday, and took advantage of the East Devon and Dorset Jurassic co…

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