Midday (Virgin) Mojito, anyone?

Since returning from the US last week, home of the fabulous Bath and Body Works (4 different coconut scents!) - I've been down with the flu; in my jetlag did British Summer Time end?

So imagine how chuffed I was when I read on the Twitter grapevine yesterday that The Body Shop have launched a new fragrance this week?!

The Virgin Mojito collection smells so edible, and just what I need as a pick-me-up. 

And as an additional pick-me-up The Body Shop have a 50% discount on a second item purchased (selected stock, check details with staff), so I bought the  

Virgin Mojito Shower Gel (250ml) 

 and Body Butter (50ml)

I have my eye on the Body Sorbet on payday, which left a gorgeous translucent shine on my skin. And there's a cocktail shaker gift set which might just appear on my Birthday Wish List! 

After shopping I popped into Starbucks for coffee, which turned out to be free when I bought lunch. My kind of Tuesday. 

Who needs the sun when there's (discounted) shopping?!

Off to Superdrug in a moment, to Revolutionise my Make-Up! 

What's your summer scent?  

Disclaimer: This review is entirely my own, non-paid, voluntary contribution to an amazing fragrance. I receive no money/gifts for this review, and I paid for the goodies out of my own skinny pockets!


  1. I have been trying this range too and I absolutely love it! It smells so juicy, perfect for Summer! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog - I think the make-up bag was exclusively made for Love Me Beauty. I will find out for you and let you know if they're available to buy! xxx

  2. Thanking you! I already subscribe to two beauty boxes (Glossy and Birch) so m a y b e shouldn't start a menage a trois! But I can never resist a cute bag 8-)

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