Do you save for the sales, or experiences?

I’ve previously posted about saving £10 a week, in order to enjoy guilt-free sale shopping, and to never miss a bargain that has you inner-twirling.  I mean, we do work ridiculously hard all year.   

You could have fun trying out some of the amazing budget makeup out there, instead of the higher-end products, and follow London Beauty Queen’s savvy advice to Do it like a Dupe or read how she secures samples. Or check out the budget-friendly tips from Penny Golightly.

Or, like me, you could swap a Venti caramel latte for a Tall tea (you’re welcome, waistline) and pop the change in a recycled coffee (or jam) jar, and surround it by inspiration.

And yes, the season of summer-sales is almost upon us (I have it on good word that the Next sale will start on the 18th July; check with your local staff for exact timings: Plymouth doors will be wide open at 6 am 5am is the latest rumour).

So, where are we at with our sale savings? 

Yeah, I don’t quite have the £250 that I perhaps should have – but I was able to buy a three-day festival ticket for C2C2016 in March, when I wouldn’t ordinarily have been able to, so saving doesn’t have to be about the act of stuffocation and simply buying more things – I definitely enjoy an experience as much as a DKNY sale. But I do like buying.

I’ve also discovered eBay selling in the last six months, and the fabulous tingles when your pre-loved items find a new home.  I would love to say that my home is a lot more decluttered, but then I’m also an eBay buyer (shopping from the sofa at 11pm?  Yes, please!) However, I have posted more than I’ve received, just.

Marie Kondo’s approach to organization (Red, Psychologies, Wikipedia, Amazon) reminds me that if an item doesn’t ‘spark joy’ (release my inner twirl) then it’s time to let go.  Which means this weekend I’ll be sorting out my wardrobes to top up my sales reserves with a few eBay listings.

Do you save for the sales, or experiences?  Share your best tips, purchases and events with other readers here!

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