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Do you save for the sales, or experiences?

How to buy makeup as a 30s (almost 40s) -something Mum

With a three and a half year old, I think I'm finally a Mum, instead of the Mummy I've always been.  I'll always be my little girl's Mummy, at least until that day when I'm 'Mother', but I no longer feel like a you know what I mean?

We've probably had the majority of the cuteness and exhaustion and tears.  My daughter is no longer a toddler, but a little being trying to understand concepts (Why has appeared in her vocabulary; why?) and she almost dresses herself into leggings and tops.  Gone are the cute outfits prolific on the racks for Under 2s.  She's finding her identity and I'm rediscovering mine.

Towards the end of my pregnancy all those years ago, I was waddling around Boots one afternoon, when I happened upon a Benefit makeover.  I was glad of the chance of a free sit down and the Assistant wasn't salesy, nor was she orange-faced.  I think she had a six-month old, so she knew. She knew that would probably be the last time I&…

Midday (Virgin) Mojito, anyone?

Since returning from the US last week, home of the fabulous Bath and Body Works (4 different coconut scents!) - I've been down with the flu; in my jetlag did British Summer Time end?

So imagine how chuffed I was when I read on the Twitter grapevine yesterday that The Body Shop have launched a new fragrance this week?!

The Virgin Mojito collection smells so edible, and just what I need as a pick-me-up. 

And as an additional pick-me-up The Body Shop have a 50% discount on a second item purchased (selected stock, check details with staff), so I bought the  

Virgin Mojito Shower Gel (250ml) 

 and Body Butter (50ml)

I have my eye on the Body Sorbet on payday, which left a gorgeous translucent shine on my skin. And there's a cocktail shaker gift set which might just appear on my Birthday Wish List! 

After shopping I popped into Starbucks for coffee, which turned out to be free when I bought lunch. My kind of Tuesday. 

Who needs the sun when there's (discounted) shopping?!

Off to S…

Book Review: The Little Black Dress, Amy Holman Edelman

I picked up a great book last month, which I simply couldn't stop reading until I reached the end (daughter may have watched a lot more Paw Patrol that day than she anticipated). 

The Little Black Dress, by Amy Holman Edelman quite beautifully tells the story of the little black dress over the last 90 years, since it was first introduced by Coco Chanel in 1926. 

Full of gorgeous images, fashion history and thoughtful theory, this book is a delight to read for Every woman (and any man).  Perhaps the greatest visual impact of the LDB, even fifty years after it's filmic entrance, is Holly Golightly's Givenchy dress, as worn so fabulously by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Truman Capote describes the look (which, along with Hepburn's frame, presumably inspired Givenchy) at the end of Chapter Two:

Now, after a little hiatus, I rediscovered the power of black in my wardrobe last summer, on my post Back to really does make travel (and the ensuing laund…