What should you wear to an interview?

If you look your best, you’ll feel your best and ultimately perform your best.  

That just makes style-sense. 

Yet, one of the most stressful occasions in any person’s life is the job interview. Along side first dates and wedding days, this is one of those times when what you wear is vital. 

Returning to work after raising your family?  New Graduate looking for the starting role?  Are you finally inline for that promotion? Whether you bought your last suit from C&A, or you have no idea what Woolworths was, there is no standard one-size fits all interview style.

And well there shouldn't be; there is no one-size fits all CV.

But, tremendous news - you’ve snagged the interview, and you can do the job!

Dressing for the moment is the easy bit!

Here's how to make the right impression:

You can visit a company’s website or read their printed literature to get a feel for whether dress is casual or smart, but even if the CEO is dressed in jeans and a sweater, make sure you wear your smartest outfit.  There’ll be time for casual dressing when you have the job. 

Whatever job you’re going for, always dress smart for the interview; your future employer wants to know that you’ve made an effort.  This doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a suit, although for any leadership or managerial role a suit is essential (although you can still look stylish; don’t lop the first suit you see into the supermarket trolley!)

Ok, what should I wear to an interview?
It’s entirely up to you whether you go for a trouser suit, a skirt suit or a dress and jacket outfit.  But only wear what you feel confident in.

If you opt for a skirt or trouser suit, you’ll need a blouse or shirt, and this should be tucked in to your waistband if possible.  There are occasions when a shirt can be worn over trousers or a skirt, depending on the overall outfit and your body weight; feel free to email me for advice.  

Which colour should I wear ?
Choose a navy, black or dark grey colour base, depending on which shade suits you. 

Not sure which is your best colour? Try all of them on and see which one releases your inner-twirl.   

Personally I love a navy or dark grey suit. 

Okay, I need a top...                                                                                            
There are a hundred choices of shirts/blouses out there, in a dozen more colours.  Choose something that you would normally wear; the interview is not the place to try out new trends and styles. 

If you feel more confident with your shirt loose over your trousers, ensure the material is lightweight and shaped; a cotton shirt, with straight edging should be tucked in, although there is scope for pulling loose; just be careful you don't come undone on the day.

Try on your interview outfit before the event
And make contingencies if long-distance or overnight travel is involved.  Like know where you’re nearest iron is.

Anything else I should be aware of in deciding my interview outfit?
Read the interview invitation carefully; what activities are planned for the day? Some interviews incorporate a team-building exercise, so check skirt/dress lengths on you, and if you can stretch in your outfit.

Hair and Nails?
Clean, presentable, tidy. 

The night before is not the time to go trying on a new hair colour, but ensuring you're happy with the style of hair yourself going for.  And check the weather...the wind and rain could influence your final look.

The night before probably isn't the best time for lively new nail polishes/extensions, either, although great for a nerve-calming manicure. Beware of moisturizing your hands on the way to the interview...for some reason extra muck appears under your nails, and you want to be remembered for your interview responses, not a potent hand cream.

One more thing...
Don’t wear your best weekend ensemble, not even your Lucky LBD.  Do wear your favourite knickers – I never go into a new situation without my best DKNY armoir-ey! 

Good luck! 

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