To thine own self be true

I recently had the absolute pleasure of seeing Maxine Peake as Hamlet, at my local Vue cinema, where Polonious, a bit of a windbag, and Father to Ophelia & Laertes, became Polonia, an uproarious Mother, who still had the delight of uttering the line to her son, Laertes:

Above all of this, to thine own self be true.

So true, especially for entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants and freelancers, who are no longer required to undergo annual appraisals. Now, I don't miss the paperwork they generated (the larger the company the more convoluted the forms), but I do miss the regular moments of reflection.

As a Consultant I'm often so busy being Admin, Creative, Blogger, Social Media Dudess, that there's little time for thinking about where I am, never mind who I am.

And yet if you don't know yourself, how will you be clear on your goals and raise awareness of your brand identity?

Reflection, along with planning and income-generating, is a vital resource for us what go it alone.  So diarise some reflective time over a latte or over actual water, and perform the strategy of a SWOT analysis on yourself....naming at least 1 item in each area of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats..

Here are mine (thought out over a pot of tea in a swish hotel):

Listening (to clients and myself, occasionally not my three year old, who repeats herself A Lot).

Widgets and blogging assistance (a self-taught IT learner, sometimes I miss the tools that could really reduce my workload).

These are everywhere; I consult with Every Woman, after all. Particularly, my social media and brand awareness in the corporate environment.

Administration, Procrastination, The Summer. I balance these with a healthy dose of reality (country music and reflective planning).

Why not share your SWOT analysis findings below with my readers, and perhaps discover untapped support!

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