How to prepare for a Mummy Mini-Break AKA I'm off to Country2Country!

I'm so excited - only three more get-ups and I'll be on my way to London for the annual Country 2 Country festival of amazing country music artists.

Yes, I'm off on a Mummy Mini-Break! 

Now, this shindig has been going on for three years, but this is the first time I've made it (tickets sell-out sharpish).

It also happily coincides with me needing a little rest from Mummying for a few days (three; and two nights in a Hilton. A Hilton!)

And I've loved country music since listening to my Mum's Kenny and Dolly tapes growing up, so pretty fabulous timing, and I know my way around this year's must-see artists, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Lee Ann Womack, The Shires, Brandy Clark and the incredible voice of Brantley Gilbert. 

But I can't just throw a few things in a bag and be off; that is so the very wrong approach to really indulging in the ultimate Mummy Time (and ensuring my battery is fully charged for partner's mid-March ski trip).

Here's how I've been preparing so far: 
Basically, List it Up.

List for packing
  • Don't forget the mini Clinique and Clarins toiletries (thank you, recent Ebay purchases!)
  • Take not-worn-for-ages clothes to wear (paused to consider wearing heels again, fell off the bed laughing and decided on three pairs of flats and travel-slippers).
  • Ensure all clothes are darks, so I look fabulous and only have to do one wash when I return.
  • Decide which overnight case, which day bag, which purse, which wash bag to pack.
  • Download books that I’ve been meaning to read since pregnancy four years ago (thank you, Kindle sample facilities!)

List for while I'm away
  • Lay out clothes for daughter to wear; why am I the only one who knows the difference between pyjamas and leggings?
  • Suggest Rain and Non-Rain adventures for Daddy and Daughter to enjoy (GPS programming for the Arting kit, affectionately called Noodle Drawers, sorry Mister Maker).
  • Update daughter’s favourite TV shows on the planner (only 3 Ben and Holly’s left after my last cull; thank you, repeated channels).
  • Buy meals and snacks and treats for the three days I’m away; times two as daughter is in her fussy-eating phase and only wants to eat yellow food (cheese, yoghurt, crisps, chicken....) She makes an exception for chocolate. 

List of things to do while I’m away:
  • Hair removal (full legs! chin!) without constant questions of 'What are you doing, Mummy?'
  • Read a magazine in a massive bubble bath (will be on Ebay next week).
  • Watch Mummy TV (not Peppa Pig or the news).
  • Save event times to phone to maximise shopping in between country music acts; will miss the buggy for storage facility.
  • Enjoy hotel room essentials: Prosecco, ginormous box of Thornton’s, eye mask and ear plugs: two nights without waking to hear ‘Mummy’ at two am for an F1 Nappy Change.
As I said: Excited!

So, where are you going on your Mini-Break this year?


  1. Stroke of genius - why have I never thought of packing clothes that fit into one wash as such. Im off to Rome week after next so will be taking your advice :)

  2. Ooh, have a fab time...a friend went recently and really loved the city! I went away last May and quite by accident all my clothes seemed to be black...washing was so much easier when I came back home!