Scheduling blog posts Vs impulse (or CBB) writing?

Since Perez wasn't booted out a fortnight ago when he really should have been (that's the Celebrity Big Brother bit of this post) I have had a lot more time on the laptop.

So I've been playing around with images and text on my Facebook page, as social media peoples seem to love photos and quotes.

Using MS Publisher to create a jpeg, here was effort Number 1:

Very basic, but it was a cold night; this blogger needs heat to think clearly.

And I forgot to add my name, so if people were to share they wouldn't know which brilliant - ahem- designer/author to acknowledge.  Eek, school lass entrepreneur error.  

Night number two generated:

I added a Clipart image (I know - Old Skool IT) but the mix of colours - albeit that fuscia and teal are the best in the rainbow - are a bit jarring; a bit unstylish, if you will. Although I stand by the sentiment.

And you can't beat a hashtag fingersnap. 

As the CBB final approached (and the opening RBS 6 Nations game) my third photo included a tip from my book, 119 Style Boosts from the Size15Stylist:

This image made me lift my scuba skirt in a pre-twirl; text box on top of a full-sized image! Again, still using MS Publisher and clipart, converting the file to a jpeg.

And so tonight's image, drafted during the CBB Bit on the Side show:

Yes, the text is a little smaller, but look what a little font change has done (made it a Stylish, of course!) and I love that the image really does fabulously represent another quote from my book - well, I did justify that playing around with these creations was a marketing strategy.

Now, I'm no graphic designer, and I may be on the lookout for some support with Size15Stylist branding in 2015, but in only four nights that was my amateur inspirational-image journey, and I'll keep on experimenting with images for my Facebook page. Perhaps not this weekend; toddler-daughter turns three and we have a lot of balloons to blow up tomorrow night!

But if you're new to blogging and wondering where to start, look at your own resources; you don't always have to throw money at outsourcing.

Persistence and consistency are two of the greatest skills for entrepreneurs and bloggers. 

So, for my next challenge: do you write blogs as you go, or do you schedule? 


  1. I haven't set my mind yet but mostly, I follow a schedule. It allows me to spend more time and concentrate on nothing else but writing so I pretty much produce a better outcome. Although sometimes when I get a sudden thought or idea, I'd write it down immediately before it leaves my mind. :D

    1. Hey, Elvis, great writing tips. I have a bunch of 'sudden' ideas on my Kindle and phone that I should probably turn into scheduled posts soon.

  2. Great ideas here - love . I love quotes. I have just come across a site called Social Postie - I am hoping this will help with my scheduling needs.

    1. Hi Charlotte, I've never heard of that site, although as I've resolved to be more organised with scheduling I'll check it out - thanks for the tip!

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