A stylish night in

Yes, this is our Friday 13th - Valentine's Day - 7th Anniversary weekend, and as the weather is shocking, I spent all afternoon catching up with Sewing Bee preparing a very stylish night in ...

... as they say in the Boots No 7 adverts ...

Ta Dah! 

A massive pizza from Tesco 
(may throw in a few oven chips, too; just sayin')

M&S Chocolate Eclairs 
(the whipping I had to give shoppers to bypass the overpriced Dine-in-for-Two queues!) 

M&S Fizzy Mojito Cocktail 
(no mixing necessary; less than a fiver; you're welcome)

So, what's your idea of a stylish night in, dear reader? 


  1. I think simplicity is still the best. I'd enjoy a nice night with a nice movie and good food. Or maybe some nice music to help me relax. Music is therapy to me. Helps me loosen up and escape the world and enter one of my own where everything is perfect.

  2. Yeah, definitely didn't over-think this weekend. Music is an awesome motivator, as well as a relaxant...what's your style of music?