What does your work wardrobe look like?

In between Peppa Pig episodes and my breakfast this morning I managed to flick through half of Marie Claire’s February issue.  Apparently a focused wardrobe could attract a better job.

Well, clearly.

However, from the all-white outfits in the accompanying photograph to the article (page 71, if you have a copy handy) is a one-colour wardrobe seriously being advocated in order to combat ‘cognitive tiredness’?  Mark Facebook Zuckerberg is quoted as justifying only wearing grey t-shirts to make as few decisions in his life as possible.

Yes, well men usually only have to ponder over the colour and or slogan of a shirt, and there are far too many choices in the colour wheel for that kind of one-colour-fits-all caper, were my initial post-bagel reactions.

Yet researchers found that we are better at making decisions in the morning, so should streamline our wardrobe and dietary habits in order that those giant decisions throughout the day are correctly made, and we’re not wasting unnecessary time on our wardrobe.

Erm, what? What kind of world would we live in if we all stuck to one colour palette? It’s why there are a handful of colours in any packet of sweets.  And what H and M are reliable for.

But actually, I’ve suggested that there is a lot of black in my wardrobe, and there always will be.  It’s clean, straightforward and forms the basis of most of my outfits, whether for work, child’s play or socialising.  And it’s great to have 2-4 colours in your own colour palette, to ensure effective shopping and outfit coordination.    

Perhaps the secret isn’t in sticking to one colour, but in knowing every item in your wardrobe and being able to find it without a morning fumble through scrumpled piles of clothing.  My natural style involves wearing leggings and a dress for most occasions, adding a long-sleeved t-shirt during the winter and or cardigans during the spring/summer seasons.  Many of the dresses are similar colours, because I buy what I like and I buy a few of them (blues, jewels, stripes and yes, black).  Leggings are always black, except for my emergency navy pairs when I want to mix up an outfit. 

And I feel great with my more personalised version of the school uniform; fabrics and colours that suit me, not a Board of Governors, and that I can rely on without having to think about: at the beginning of a week my dresses are clean and hung in the centre of my wardrobe and my leggings are in the drawer below my skincare products.  In two swipes (and a spot of underwear) I’m dressed and SPFd.  The only time I have to search for something to wear is because I’ve been stuffing-the-laundry and avoided the washing machine for the previous week. 

And there’s nothing more fabulous than creating an impromptu outfit out of the chaos of little-worn clothes from the depths of your wardrobe.  Skirt and trousers, with a chiffon-shirt and external strappy vest, anyone?  Hint: throw on your some metallics and your favourite footwear to pull of these kinds of wardrobe moments.   

Plus, I bet Zuckerberg wears only grey t-shirts as it's the ultimate non-corporate nod.
How does your wardrobe work for you?  Have you found your signature style that you can rely on any day of the week, and for any event?



  1. I won't say that I am a "fashionista" or any of that sort but I always do my best to look good. That's why I keep my wardrobe packed with decent and versatile clothes. I won't say I'm an expert but that's exactly the reason why I keep versatile clothes in my wardrobe to be sure that I won't have much problem with the mix and match. When I shop, I ask for advice and that's where I learn most about clothes. Aside from that, there's nothing much. Nice post. I learned a lot. I'd definitely give this a thumbs up!

  2. Hey, Elvis, thanks for posting about your wardrobe management skills. Good thinking to ask sales assistants for their advice, too, they can spend up to 40 hours a week with their stock and know what can and won't work.

  3. My wardrobe is such a mess and real mix of sizes. At the moment I am losing weight, so will need a new style later this year :) x

    1. Great news about your weight loss, no better reason for having a chaotic wardrobe...although if you turfed out the clothes that no longer fit (ebay for new style fund?!) then you'd be able to shop earlier!