What does your work wardrobe look like?

In between Peppa Pig episodes and my breakfast this morning I managed to flick through half of Marie Claire’s February issue.  Apparently a focused wardrobe could attract a better job.

Well, clearly.

However, from the all-white outfits in the accompanying photograph to the article (page 71, if you have a copy handy) is a one-colour wardrobe seriously being advocated in order to combat ‘cognitive tiredness’?  Mark Facebook Zuckerberg is quoted as justifying only wearing grey t-shirts to make as few decisions in his life as possible.

Yes, well men usually only have to ponder over the colour and or slogan of a shirt, and there are far too many choices in the colour wheel for that kind of one-colour-fits-all caper, were my initial post-bagel reactions.

Yet researchers found that we are better at making decisions in the morning, so should streamline our wardrobe and dietary habits in order that those giant decisions throughout the day are correctly made, and we’re not wasting unnecessary time on our wardrobe.

Erm, what? What kind of world would we live in if we all stuck to one colour palette? It’s why there are a handful of colours in any packet of sweets.  And what H and M are reliable for.

But actually, I’ve suggested that there is a lot of black in my wardrobe, and there always will be.  It’s clean, straightforward and forms the basis of most of my outfits, whether for work, child’s play or socialising.  And it’s great to have 2-4 colours in your own colour palette, to ensure effective shopping and outfit coordination.    

New looks for 2015

Welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful festive season.  I'm on the verge of becoming the Size17Stylist after my indulgences, so I'm back on the peppermint tea and moving around more....well, the sales are still on!

Toddler-daughter did very well in the Next sale, and will be very warm and stylish for a few years to come, and I treated myself to the DKNY Bryant Park bag to match my purse, thanks to a 40% House of Fraser deal.  So there's a lot of twirling in the S15S household.

And now it's back to work, looking for the most flattering interpretations of culottes, which are all over the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2015.

What gorgeous items did you treat yourself to this sale season?