Scuba party wear this holiday season

We all want to look our best at least once during December, don't we?

I've always liked to plan wearing a gorgeous Christmas day outfit, you know, the fabulous one to go with the perfect day?  Yet for the last 3 years I've dealt with pregnancy, a baby and a toddler while darting around visiting family, or fiddling with a turkey and executing a running order for potatoes and vegetables that reminds me why I love one-pot pasta meals.   

So my special outfit eventually slid down the priority list and it's been a while since I twirled from my Christmas dress; I bought every one Big Bang Theory t-shirts one year, and temporarily forgot that I really don't suit t-shirts, regardless of the fabulous logo.  I just don't have that body.  Still, I pulled on the reindeer antlers and cracked on with feeding 10 people and a cat.

But, this year, even with a fully-fledged child in tow (we're with my family for brunch and the in-laws for the afternoon), I've nailed my Christmas Day outfit, thanks to the beauty of scuba fabric.

No, this isn't some fantastical tummy-squishing device (urgh!) but rather an amazing man-made delight that simply makes a woman look and feel her best, providing you invest a little time in purchasing your scuba. 

This gorgeous dress (from Primark; £13. Really.) has that slight iconic 50s design that makes me feel I should be brandishing a martini glass, or champagne saucer...although for a recent Afternoon Tea in Manchester, I settled for the flute.  And I twirl each time I smooth the full skirt over my hips.

In a minute, pop along to your nearest online retailer and see what a search for scuba draws forward; House of Fraser apparently have 95 such items (including a, frankly, flipping-yummy Millie Mackintosh black cocktail dress).  

Before you dash off (December is an extra-special sort of dashy month, isn't it?) here are my top tips for having a scuba Christmas. 
1. Touch it.
Before you invest online, try to get touchy-feely in the stores; scuba is soft and feels like a much more flexible neoprene. When you touch it you'll know, but there are other imitations out there.   Nothing wrong with them, but scuba has a great structure to it that might not be available in other styles.  Your receipt will tell you if it's scuba, which is how I discovered the fabric in the first place, as I wondered what on earth it was appearing on my receipt.

2. Pattern Vs plain print.
You may want to wear a pattern as plain will show every underwear line.  I'm almost tempted to order that Millie dress just to double-check my theory, but as I don't believe in thongs I think there'd still be a spot of VPL on my Size15 derrière.  

3. Layer-effect.
For extra warmth you wear a cami-top underneath your scuba dress (if there's a pattern). Equally, if you find yourself getting a little flushed once or eight times a day, the fabric shouldn't be too overbearing (providing you don't buy a polo-neck).

4. Recyclable?
No. Wear once and wash; some dresses, with the right  fabric, and a first-layer t-shirt, can be worn twice before a wash, with a little Febreeze and airing. Scuba IS man-made. But it dries very quickly!

5. Accessorise.
Go glam with nude legs and heels or dress comfy with leggings and your favourite booty slippers, depending on dinner location. Champagne saucer/flute optional. 
What will you be doing on Christmas Day this year? Have you planned your outfit already? Scuba also makes work days pretty darn twirly.  

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  1. I've never heard of scuba - bit of a style fail on my part - I clearly need to investigate further - thank you for the tips.

  2. Hi Gemma, its such a fab, budget-friendly, fabric...have fun investigating! Pop back and let us know what you find ;)

  3. Well, I never knew so much could be learnt about scuba!!! What a great insight, I'm definitely going to have to go and investigate and it sounds like Primark is just the place ;) but I shall heed your advice and NOT do my usual dash (you are soooo right about December!) and take a bit of time over it! I also hadn't ever thought about what to wear on Christmas Day...I think I might need to now!

    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou xxx

  4. Glad you found the post insightful, Hannah, have fun fishing out some fab party wear...and thanks for the linky opportunity!

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