Forget Christmas (temporarily): Are you ready for the Boxing Day Sales?

Have you worked hard all year, bringing up gorgeous, well-behaved, polite children, looking after the family ahead of your own needs, working until late o'clock for your employer?  

Did you work until quarter past late to establish your own business?  

Can you remember the last time you bought yourself something fabulous to wear, that had you twirling with delight?

Well, it's (almost) time to treat yourself!

Check out  my 19 Top Tips  for the sales in Chapter 5, from what to wear to what to buy, in my book 119 Style Boosts from the Size15Stylist

 #53 "...Christmas Eve is a popular day for the January sales to start, and you can pick up a few bargains online without having to move from the sofa..."

 #58 "Only take your partner shopping with you if they really, really like shopping (or you don't like each other)..."

Designed for the busy woman whose life has changed in the last few years (and who may have temporarily misplaced her identity in the growing of another human) my book and my blog are devoted to boosting your unique style and helping you twirl again. 

Happy Sale Shopping, everyone!

PS - Did you know that if you save £10 a week for a Boxing Day you'll have around £500 to treat yourself with?!

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