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Forget Christmas (temporarily): Are you ready for the Boxing Day Sales?

Have you worked hard all year, bringing up gorgeous, well-behaved, polite children, looking after the family ahead of your own needs, working until late o'clock for your employer?  
Did you work until quarter past late to establish your own business?  
Can you remember the last time you bought yourself something fabulous to wear, that had you twirling with delight?
Well, it's (almost) time to treat yourself!

Check out  my 19 Top Tips  for the sales in Chapter 5, from what to wear to what to buy, in my book 119 Style Boosts from the Size15Stylist
 #53 "...Christmas Eve is a popular day for the January sales to start, and you can pick up a few bargains online without having to move from the sofa..."
 #58 "Only take your partner shopping with you if they really, really like shopping (or you don't like each other)..."
Designed for the busy woman whose life has changed in the last few years (and who may have temporarily misplaced her identity in the growing of an…

Scuba party wear this holiday season

We all want to look our best at least once during December, don't we?
I've always liked to plan wearing a gorgeous Christmas day outfit, you know, the fabulous one to go with the perfect day?  Yet for the last 3 years I've dealt with pregnancy, a baby and a toddler while darting around visiting family, or fiddling with a turkey and executing a running order for potatoes and vegetables that reminds me why I love one-pot pasta meals.  
So my special outfit eventually slid down the priority list and it's been a while since I twirled from my Christmas dress; I bought every one Big Bang Theory t-shirts one year, and temporarily forgot that I really don't suit t-shirts, regardless of the fabulous logo.  I just don't have that body.  Still, I pulled on the reindeer antlers and cracked on with feeding 10 people and a cat.
But, this year, even with a fully-fledged child in tow (we're with my family for brunch and the in-laws for the afternoon), I've nailed m…