Stuff the laundry

Here's what I'm thinking today, why don't we instigate a #stuffthelaundry Wednesday?  

Abandon the housework in favour of the following (tick all that apply, and enjoy)

Me time: Zone out with a Latte (#110 in my 119 Style Boosts book) or catch up with your favourite TV shows....I NEVER get the remote between the morning battle with Ben and Holly Vs BBC Breakfast or the post-dinner news/In The Night Garden battle; 11am on a week day could be the only time I get to see Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.

Personal Hygiene: Have a mid-day bath. Go on. It'll be uninterupted.  Probably.  If you're at work, then don't you have a dental appointment that you've *forgotten* about?  Or, if you book an afternoon meeting into your diary at work, in a room that doesn't exist, by the time you're missed you could have had a nice soak with last Christmas' bubble bath.  You could even Nair your legs, if you like.

Work: Yes, log off social media, don't multi-task with the housework and feel guilty at being home and not looking after the house; the housework can wait until tomorrow....there's nothing like only having three items left in your wardrobe to foster a 'creative' personality; it's how I discovered my dress-over-trousers style. 

Nap: toddlers get away with losing the afternoon to sleep, and there's nothing like a quick nap to perk you up.  Go on, grab your snuggle blanket (or that posh Dunelm/Laura Ashley throw from the back of the sofa) and enjoy a couple of hours off.

Shop: you could always really say #stuffthelaundry by buying new clothes instead of washing them. Obviously this is a bit on the daft side; even Primark isn't that cheap.  But why don't you pop out to your nearest shop and source out some sparkles for any upcoming dos? 

Join in the Twitter Party at #stuffyourlaundry and link to what you're up to this Wednesday

PS - literally stuffing your laundry anywhere is entirely optional. 


  1. I feel a *forgotten* dental appointment and afternoon soak coming on :)

  2. As I advised trepidatious bloggers at Blogfest - Go for it!