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October Christmas Shopping

The beauty AdventCalendars have arrived, the October pay day as either just been or is on the way ... so we can officially start talking about Christmas shopping. 

Plymouth's Early Learning Centre was mad-busy on Saturday with parents taking advantage of half-term offers.  I picked up a world map wooden puzzle for toddler-daughter at half-price, and could have easily gone a little potty with a floor-keyboard and the huge train set she's drawn to. 

Instead of buying everything with a sale sticker on though, we came home and did a toy audit, and although most ended up in the loft, we have a few bags for Christmas donations in the community. 

And as toddler-daughter's toys are now in her room, or one storage basket downstairs, we saw our lounge floor for the first time in almost three years. 

I realise we have only a few weeks left before it's covered again, especially as TD will turn three in early Feb, but by then I'll be glad of the break from Dyson-ing. 

Speaking of trains, actually, if anyone is thinking of a wooden train set for Christmas, Morrisons have one available for around a tenner, and toddler-daughter absolutely loves playing with hers with Granny and Grandad. 

I also spent a good few hours on Pinterest last night, rummaging around beginner sewing projects, and came up with some amazing ideas for home made presents.  And I sorted out TDs old clothes fabric remnants that I've collected over the last few months.

I then calculated the weeks left, the workload I have yet to complete, the haberdashery shopping I'd have to do (not really a problem) Halloween costumes to customize, Bonfire Night baking, the Christmas festivities I want to enjoy with toddler-daughter (I have two snow blankets that I can't wait to have fun with, decorating the house on 1st December....sssh, don't tell Mr S15S) and I let out a little eeek.

I have around 35 minutes free between now and my planned visits to friends, and it takes me that long to wind the bobbin up.  

I'll either have to post my home sewn interpretations during Christmas week, with my bits crossed they'll arrive before 24th December, though giving money to Royal Mail seems a bit daft when First Great Western have had a large donation this Autumn.  

Or I'll have to go shopping again this week. 


Which is handy as Plymouth's Boots have their mega points day this Thursday, with £12 of points for every £50 spend.  I'm still using the John Frieda Frizz Ease and Sanctuary Illuminating Moisture Lotion I stocked up on during last November's points-fest; it's not all about the 3-4-2 gift sets.

In reality I'll hopefully create a happy mix of something that definitely looks home made, with a few goodies I find on the shelves; this is my first year of full-time self-employment so I can't spend and spend like the generous elf in me normally does. However, thoughtfulness on Christmas Day is worth more than a Selfridges spending spree in the summer sales, so there will be something for everyone.    

Are you sewing any gifts for family and friends this year? Did you do your shopping last January?  Are you rocking in a chair, refusing to believe in Christmas until December? 

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