Have you ever wondered about the writing, self-publishing and marketing of a book?

Time to tickle the writer in you again, as NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow.  Some writers I know are really going for the task of writing a 50,000 word draft of a novel this November, and other writers are using November as a generally inspiring kind of month. I'm a little inbetween...I could use the impetus to reignite a novel, but chances are I'll be swept up in Christmas activities with toddler-daughter.

Either end of the writing spectrum, there are a lot of additional words produced in the blogosphere and within beautiful notebooks over the upcoming 30 days.

So, when I read of this amazing offer from a super-talented bunch of published eauthors this morning, I thought the trickery had begun early.  One click on Amazon revealed my eyes weren't deceiving me, and I've just pre-ordered my set to arrive onto my Kindle on Monday.....for 77p in the UK!

I can't remember the last time I bought three of anything for less than 78p.

What am I writing about?

This fabulous offer, available for a limited time only: 

How to Market a Book - Joanna Penn (AKA The Creative Penn)
Write. Publish. Repeat. - Johnny B. Truant & Sean Platt AKA The Self-Publishing Podcast) and
Lets Get Digital - David Gaughran, who I've never heard of but am about to Google.

Buy all three books for one price (also available on Apple, Barnes and Noble (B&N) and Kobo: check with the authors for further details (I read the info on The Creative Penn's Facebook page, and David's blog)

Just look for the: The Indie Author Power Pack on your nearest ereader.

Chances are this could be a type of Kindle Countdown Deal, so only available at this price for a few days, but if you link up with the authors on Facebook/Twitter/whatever, by the time you've consumed these three goodies, there's bound to be another offer on the way....or you may just invest in their whole catalogues - entirely your choice as the Happy Reader you will no doubt be.

What was the last bargain you bought?

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