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It's Friday night, and I've had a marvellous evening, wolfing Revels and connecting with other bloggers - there truly are some fantastic writers out there, sharing their lives, their injustices, their hopes and their anxieties.

I feel re-energised as a writer. 

Mr S15S, according to toddler-daughter, has gone off to a 'happy birthday tea party' (well, how else do you explain that her Daddy is enjoying the bar and buffet at a retirement do?) so I've had the sofa and remote to myself (Lee Evans and QVC) and guilt-free tapping away on the laptop (no furtive swipes on the smartphone for me tonight).

However, Little S15S will no doubt be awake early, eager to begin her potty training adventures.

So I'll bid thee n'night, before I swan off to bed with Grazia magazine.  

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