6 Hair necessities

I love my hair.  

This was not always a sentence I was comfortable saying - I had a perm right after I watched Dirty Dancing in 1987 and it took me twenty years to become happy with my hair again.

I now offset bad hair days against productivity (stay with me, this isn't a technical post) and realised that I should head to the salon each 6-8 weeks and consider this my vice, if necessary, to maintain this routine. The days of staring into the mirror, despairing over roots and frizz, because I was:
a) fed up of home-dying my shoulder-length mop, and
b) thought hair salons were expensive,  are lonnnnnnnnng gone. 

My first grey hairs showed through, my then-hairdresser announced, when I was 17.

Yes, not quite as romantic as Sinatra lyricises in It Was a Very Good Year.  Now, I'm friendly with dyes and after many colours, I chose to finally embrace my DNA by working blonde hair and black eyebrows, because:
a) I just don't suit dark hair and
b) wouldn't bleach my Cara Delevignes any more than I would wax my legs every again; Low Pain Threshold (LPT).

My hair, understandably, is a bit dry and a bit thick and a bit unmanageable at times.  Currently it's a bit shoulder-length.  But I have an amazing Hair Stylist who knows how to wield thinning scissors and does a cracking blow dry which lasts four days (love Dry Shampoo, too, Rosie Green, although I couldn't not wash my hair for two weeks, a la Red magazine; my hat off to you).

So, I dedicate this post to my 6 hair necessities:

1) If you don't yet have a Stylist, find the time to head to your local college or salon on their training nights. Not only will you receive a heavily-reduced cut/colour, you will pick up great tips. From these nights I have:
a) changed my career (from Administrator to Teacher, based on news of  course funding) and
b) discovered how to blow a dry which lasts 24 hours: patience is the key. I have a toddler-daughter, my hair patience has been non-existent since 2011.

2) Buy the best electrical appliances you can afford for your hair, whether you are attached to straighteners, tongs or hot style brushes. 

3) Invest in one or two good quality brushes to suit your hair shape.  Not sure which then make sure you have a good paddle brush if your hair is past jaw-length, and a good round bristle brush for pixie/short dos.  A Tangle Teezer will cost you a tenner, and works very well on my wet hair, meeting my LPT standards, although I bought a tangle attack from my local quid shop which is okay.  I have a wide-toothed comb which sorts out my knots and John Frieda's Frizz Ease, so until these go out of production I don't yet intend to invest in a Tangle Teezer, but a lot of readers swear by them.

4) You don't have to know hair terminology to find the right style for your face - a salon should offer you a free consultation before your appointment to talk lifestyles and hair maintenance. You can suggest celebrities whose hair you admire, or show pictures, but you don't have to know your feather from your layer, or blunt cut.

5) When you find a Hair Stylist who listens to you, look after them, and hopefully you'll enjoy a long relationship. Sometimes they move on, but a great person will drag you along, too. I have discovered a lot of Plymouth's hidden gems by following mine.

6) If you haven't discovered the Babyliss Big Hair, it will change your life once you do.  I can now rough dry my hair so it's about 20% damp (no exact calculations were used in the writing of this post) and then rotate this fabulous brush through my Simba-esque, shoulder length mane, to a perfect, bouncy, gorgeous, light, fat-free 'do, while I dream up blog posts work on my business.  It is literally The Best Hair Essential since the millenial GHD revolution.  I used the 50mm barrelled brush last night and my hair was still pretty good at 6am (will need a bit of a hand-fluff and head shake later this morning when I venture out of the door).

I received no products or money for this post, the views are entirely my own, and you can decide whether to transform your life or not by hearkening to my blog yak. 

What hair product do you swear by?


  1. You've got it covered for me!! Tange Teaser & John Frieda Frizz Ease. I always take a few pics to the salon with me too. Great Post!!

  2. Thanks, Maria - I didn't realise I had quite so much to say about hair until that post wrote itself, with the help of a little coffee and bagel time.

  3. Why is it then, that I'm never satisfied with my hair, the hair salon never achieve the picture I take along with me - I love Jennifer Nettles hair - but it clearly isn't for me and my wild and dry locks!

  4. Becky, I'd never heard of her until I googled...love country, and her hair is a bit glam, love it! She would have An Army of stylists to create her 'effortless' locks-which remind me of my Meg Ryan crush in You've Got Mail! Seems like you'd need to grow out your layers, especially on the top, and go for blonde highlights....and thick hair would def work Nettles' (and Ryan's) styles! Go chat to Becky in Maiyas, off the Barbican...her new salon is great. Think the style may take a few visits but that hairstyle is so you.