A Canterbury Tale, and a Designer Outlet

Well, what a weekend I've had of it, and it's not even Saturday morning, yet! 

On Thursday I popped along the south of the UK to arrive in Ashford, home of friends, and a McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

But before I could mind my Gap, we headed to Canterbury today, and what a lovely city! Amongst the narrow alleyways and recognisable brand names, however, we happened upon the lovechild of Ikea and Paperchase: Tiger.

Remember the song from The Little Mermaid, where she's singing about whosits and whatsits and everybody's old favourite, thingummybob? 

We felt like that as we walked two laps, yes, two, of the store.  We oohed at and wanted everything we picked up, whether stationery, craft or home item. 

Choice, at a reasonable value, and sturdy products in a clean environment. 

Ah-mazing, said the Size15Stylist and her friend, over tea and cake and chicken salad.  Please be sure to check out your nearest Tiger store if you're heading to the south of England, Cardiff or Birmingham.  

The Designer Outlet was disappointing.  It seemed as if the stores were trying to take advantage of the fact that people will travel there to shop, and only discounted items that no one wanted, while keeping the goodies at around the price of their high street counterparts (Gap and M&S I'm looking at you).

The assistant in the Lindt shop was very helpful, however, and I'll waddle back to Plymouth with A Lot of Excellence chocolate.

Happy weekending, all.  And happy August - my double birthday month (the size15stylist blog will be 1 year old on 7th August!)

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