Stylish Housework

What day of the week do you give up to housework?

When I worked full-time and had no children it used to be done over several evenings, normally before visitors; the weekend was for shopping and socialising.  Now I'm a WAHM it tends to be done on a Friday, because to do it on a Tuesday (or any other day of the week) would feel like we were missing out on adventures; the weekend is now family time (and once every six weeks hair/shopping time for me).  

Because I do work from home I don't spend too many hours with my head in the cleaning bin (although the early signs of age spots on the back of my hands could relate to the Lady Macbeth-esque washing that comes from growing a baby into a toddler).  My Dyson attachments only come out for sofa depths when there are too many shouts for lost items, otherwise there's no satisfactory-haul feeling.  It would be like only shopping for one shoe at a time.  This afternoon I've retrieved a magnetic zebra from a storybook that Mr S15S has been looking for for a few weeks.  I've stopped actively looking for missing things (I'll glance around a room from the sofa) - instead of precious hours on my knees peering into crevices, searching for an item that won't appear just because I'm after it, I could watch an Episodes or learn valuable international parenting skills from Supernanny. US. 

I think Friday became cleaning day during maternity leave when the grandparents came over in the evening so that Mr S15S and I could go on our supermarket date night.  As a shop-deprived mother with a new baby  I was a bit too scared to leave the house - What if she needs a nappy change? What if she has a meltdown I can't control? I used to think What Ifs stemmed from having children. 

I looked forward all day to our date and as we entered the shop, Mr S15S would hit the reduced aisles, and I headed straight for magazines, wondering what offers or insights I could use as a basis to justify throwing the copy (copies if it was a bad week) into the trolley.  I've learned to take out subscriptions to save money (to spend on makeup, home accessories and gorgeous puds aisles).  I've recently become a really wise Mummy  and suggested Mr S15S goes shopping on his own; two hours of me-time, plus cheaper at the check out.  Date nights are now spent in pubs, cinemas or restaurants. Imagine!

And because I am a free range human I can work in the city centre, in coffee shops or libraries, and fit my shopping in around my writing goals, or take toddler-daughter out for an adventure around the shops, now that I'm not such a scared new Mummy.

Well, the ironing calls....wonder what's on the telly?  

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