12 Books to Blog By: Books #5 & #6

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For a quick catch-up on my previous posts reviewing my 12 essential books for bloggers, please read these posts from the 19th May 2014 and 23rd May 2014.  Of course, even if you're not a blogger you're more than welcome to read my posts and these books.

Book #5 
Back to my story.  It's November 2013, and I'm still dissatisfied with employment - not the salary, but definitely the routine.  I work part-time in an office, and full-time as a Mum and Social Media Hound.  I am shattered and not capable of thinking ahead for two anymore.  As a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network (MBN) I happened upon the blog of writer Rosie Fiore, and her novel Wonder Women.

Book #5 of the Size15Stylist's 12 Essential Books for Bloggers

After a hectic Septober (the merging of September and October) period in work, I was ready for an escapist fiction read.

And these characters, of strong business women maintaining sanity and family alongside growing their skills, resoundingly clicked into place.

I have long advocated the combination of fiction and fact to tell powerful stories and here was mine: a character who established the perfect shops for Mums, written by a social media savvy writer.  Hello! Suddenly winter wasn't looking so dreary.

Had it not been for a Kindle introduction I would have perhaps only happened upon Fiore's book by way of my local bookshops or charity shops; ebooks are vital to writers and readers.  And I'm sure the technology is on it's way to recreate the smell of book collections; it's already available for Revlon nail polish

Book #6
The following month I discovered, through a Kindle recommendation,  Write. Publish. Repeat. from Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant:

The title sounded like the kind of formula I was attempting to follow.

And the can-do personalities behind the authors is embedded on each page.

Sean and Johnny are prolific writers, engaging people and all over this business called social media.  Johnny is also the author of the wickedly absurd and funny series, Fat Vampire.

Here was further evidence that writers could live life on their terms.

Find out next week how I really kick-started my independent 2014, with the assistance of books #7 and #8.

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