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For a while now I've sort of pushed black clothes to the side of my wardrobe, in favour of 'something brighter', or a flattering navy.  Do you know what I mean? I've been misled to believe that wardrobes should not carry a lot of black clothes, because seemingly they're so uninspiring. 

Yet I've rediscovered three staple dresses lurking in my wardrobe (well, the right is a recent H&M t-shirt basics acquisition £7.99) that have served me well over the last few weeks. So this summer I'm chuffing well going to embrace black.  2014
The maxi dress on the left is a comforting (and very stylish) jersey which I picked up in TK Maxx two years ago (around £20) and the centre dress is a great buy I picked up in China when I worked there a long time ago. Flattering v-neck and leg length, and can be dressed up or down.  On colder days I'll wear leggings (black) and either a black or coloured cardigan, depending on bag and footwear and what's not in the laundry basket.

I also wear black non-dresses, too.

H&M stock a fab cotton top (£3 in a recent sale) that's light enough not to require constant ironing (if you hang to dry), which teams perfectly with some 3/4 length linen-mix trousers (which definitely do need an iron) which I picked up in George last year (around £10).

And what does an all-black wardrobe need?
Why, lots of pretty shoes! From left to right: Gap flipflops (around £5 last year), M&S wedges in Tan (£35, but they are Footgloove) Primark peep-toe in teal (£5) Anne Klein leopard print flats (last January sale, around £20), Primark peep-toe flat in red (£5) Kaleidoscope Raspberry mock-crock heels (£25).  
And when I'm networking and shopping this year I'll be swishing my faithful black grab bag from Oasis (£18 in a late January sale), and I'll store this absolute bargain holiday-esque shopper from Poundland because it sits very comfortably on my shoulders, AND holds a lot of purchases.

And of course, no summer black wardrobe would be complete without my Lipsy sunnies!

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What wardrobe essentials are you relying on this summer?

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