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Stylish Housework

What day of the week do you give up to housework?

When I worked full-time and had no children it used to be done over several evenings, normally before visitors; the weekend was for shopping and socialising.  Now I'm a WAHM it tends to be done on a Friday, because to do it on a Tuesday (or any other day of the week) would feel like we were missing out on adventures; the weekend is now family time (and once every six weeks hair/shopping time for me).  

Because I do work from home I don't spend too many hours with my head in the cleaning bin (although the early signs of age spots on the back of my hands could relate to the Lady Macbeth-esque washing that comes from growing a baby into a toddler).  My Dyson attachments only come out for sofa depths when there are too many shouts for lost items, otherwise there's no satisfactory-haul feeling.  It would be like only shopping for one shoe at a time.  This afternoon I've retrieved a magnetic zebra from a storybook that Mr …

12 Books to Blog By: Books #5 & #6

Hello, Dear Reader

For a quick catch-up on my previous posts reviewing my 12 essential books for bloggers, please read these posts from the 19th May 2014 and 23rd May 2014.  Of course, even if you're not a blogger you're more than welcome to read my posts and these books.

Book #5 
Back to my story.  It's November 2013, and I'm still dissatisfied with employment - not the salary, but definitely the routine.  I work part-time in an office, and full-time as a Mum and Social Media Hound.  I am shattered and not capable of thinking ahead for two anymore.  As a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network (MBN) I happened upon the blog of writer Rosie Fiore, and her novel Wonder Women.

After a hectic Septober (the merging of September and October) period in work, I was ready for an escapist fiction read.

And these characters, of strong business women maintaining sanity and family alongside growing their skills, resoundingly clicked into place.

I have long advocated the combination …

Back to Black

For a while now I've sort of pushed black clothes to the side of my wardrobe, in favour of 'something brighter', or a flattering navy.  Do you know what I mean? I've been misled to believe that wardrobes should not carry a lot of black clothes, because seemingly they're so uninspiring. 

Yet I've rediscovered three staple dresses lurking in my wardrobe (well, the right is a recent H&M t-shirt basics acquisition £7.99) that have served me well over the last few weeks. So this summer I'm chuffing well going to embrace black.  

The maxi dress on the left is a comforting (and very stylish) jersey which I picked up in TK Maxx two years ago (around £20) and the centre dress is a great buy I picked up in China when I worked there a long time ago. Flattering v-neck and leg length, and can be dressed up or down.  On colder days I'll wear leggings (black) and either a black or coloured cardigan, depending on bag and footwear and what's not in the laundry…

Birmingham or Manchester: shop-off

Double-City Shopping Break

I consider Manchester my spiritual home (walking access to Selfridges, Harvey Nicks, DKNY, Gap and Primark) and one of the finest shopping cities in the world.....if the city extended their opening hours in line with the Asian closing times of 10pm it would be an international competitor.  But that discussion is for another post.

This weekend I also popped along to Birmingham, however, and spent some real time in the city, so here's the first post of my response to the question:

Which is the UK's real second city?

I arrived in Birmingham, briefly, on a Thursday, as it was cheaper to break my train journey here for a couple of hours rather than continue on to my final destination (yes, cheaper if you don't take into account shopping).And what a difference a few years makes, since I used to regularly pass through Birmingham New Street....the former, dank, station has had a bit of a shopping face lift (Manchester City Council take note)

Clear signs guide passengers to the Bull…