12 Books to Blog by: Books #3 and #4

As promised here, chronologically, are the 3rd and 4th books to blog by in my year of the size15stylist blog.
3. A Room of One's Own: Virginia Woolf
August 2013 (Creation of Size15Stylist blog)  

Virginia Woolf is one of those authors that had been on my To Read list for so many years, you know, a serious writer to name drop.  I even had a few of her novels on my bookshelf, that I’d snapped up at charity shops over the years, to show my earnest intentions.  

On one work commute I downloaded A Room of One's Own as it was a practical book about writing, instead of a novel.  It was so absorbing I just read it in a day or so (no mean feat when you're a Mum and an employee).  I was intrigued by her world, a very male-oriented environment, and the history she conveys (the book was based on a talk she was asked to give in 1928, a time when women had only had the right to vote for 10 years). 

I also liked the idea that a woman only needed a room of one’s own and a yearly income of £500 in order to write.  

Thanks to an online inflation calculator I reckoned that meant, last August, I needed a room of my own and a yearly income of £22,000. 

Well, I don’t earn anywhere near that (yet), and will barely pull in £500 a year from my first year of writing, but it was a pivotal moment to make me think beyond the nonsense of needing a bunch of 'stuff'...although I adore stationery shopping - Paperchase in September! – it is a bit of a distraction from writing at times.  

After reading this book I took time to work out financially what I needed to do to be happy in the room of my own, and that became my saving goal. 

It also turns out that I write better on the sofa in front of a muted TV than I do in a spare room with all the writing implements I’ve gathered over the years! 

4. Christine Rice: Freelance Writing Guide

In my downloading frenzy last August, during one lunchbreak I downloaded a sample of Christine Rice's Freelance Writing Guide simply because Amazon directed me to it when I fired up the Kindle.  

After  reading I liked the author's style and her practical tips on what to expect in your first year as a freelance writer - this book hit the magical Venn diagram position of 'desirable content' and 'affordable' so I bought the full version.  

Incidentally, the Kindle adverts have often directed me to a good read, so don’t let them put you off buying an e-reader with the option for adverts.  

Now I think about it I had probably been the kind of customer that kindle publishing author Steve Scott writes about in his book Is $.99 the New Free?  - I am more likely to part with my money if the book is a) one that I want and b) as close to £2 as possible, and ideally under £3. Although Rice's book is currently selling at £3.28.

Thankfully, I'm not a rule-follower.  

Join me towards the end of next week for details of books 5 and 6, and my post about the debate surrounding Britain's real second city: Manchester or Birmingham.  Which do you prefer to shop in? 

I'm off to prepare the house for Bank Holiday visitors and then pack for next weekend's double-city shopping break, do let me know any 'finds' you have to share about either city! 



  1. Reckon I could do with that freelance writer's guide! :) x

    1. It's a pretty good read! Not half as fabulous as your blog, mind....actually can't read your posts in public 😄