Blog: Morrisons 1

All my dreams came true - I finally won a shopping spree! 


This Bank Holiday weekend I'll be pottering around Morrisons loading up my trolley with goodies that Mr S15 normally wouldn't approve of (basically anything with a very near sell-by date and lots of bread). 


Yes, I'm a #MorrisonsMum, one of the lucky bloggers who won £80 of gift vouchers this weekend.  Blogging does pay, then!


So, to the recipe finder on the Morrison's website (I'm still in work as I plan) –


Strawberry Mojitos. (Yay for a three-day weekend)


Gingered steak stirfry


Lime and pistachio cake.  


  1. Congrats! Buy lots of nice goodies. Expensive cheese comes to mind first for me :)

    1. Thanks, HNW - amongst the rum and steak there lurks cream cheese for a bash at Bank Holiday Baking!