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12 Books to Blog by: Books #3 and #4

As promised here, chronologically, are the 3rd and 4th books to blog by in my year of the size15stylist blog.
August 2013 (Creation of Size15Stylist blog)

Virginia Woolf is one of those authors that had been on my To Read list for so many years, you know, a serious writer to name drop.I even had a few of her novels on my bookshelf, that I’d snapped up at charity shops over the years, to show my earnest intentions.

On one work commute I downloaded A Room of One's Own as it was a practical book about writing, instead of a novel.  It was so absorbing I just read it in a day or so (no mean feat when you're a Mum and an employee).  I was intrigued by her world, a very male-oriented environment, and the history she conveys (the book was based on a talk she was asked to give in 1928, a time when women had only had the right to vote for 10 years). 

I also liked the idea that a woman only needed a room of one’s own and a yearly income of £500 in order to write.

Thanks to an online inflatio…

12 Books to Blog By: #1 & #2

Fancy some half-price fun in the sun?

No, not nattering about a bargain break to Barbados, but another lovely offer that's popped my way (I receive no money for this post, only the warmth from sharing with fellow coffee fiends).

Picture a late afternoon stroll with your Sunnies and your OH/DC/BFF/Your fave music, between 3-5pm today, and any day up until 25th May...


I can't wait to get me a mocha coconut frapp this afternoon on the nursery run!

Discount or Loyalty?

And like any wedding guest who wants to look their best in a room full of dresses, House of Fraser have drawn our attention to a Recognition event from today, Wed 14th May (Happy Birthday, NKOTB Danny Wood) until Sunday 18th May (the day after NKOTB Jordan Knight's birthday)...perhaps to try to cajole customer's away from the Debenhams Summer Spectacular event?  Who knows what John Lewis or Selfridges are up to?

I'm a fan of the direct percentage off back in my purse, however, and do not own a store card.  House of Fraser's event seems to reward bonus points to customers who shop using their Recognition Mastercard, although if you have the standard Recognition loyalty card these may be applied to you, too.  I haven't yet cottoned on to this loyalty scheme, as, frankly, you can't beat Boots Advantage card or Tesco Clubcard for their rewards (This morning I actually started looking forward to Autumn's Boots madness when I realised my Clarins exfoliator is onl…

My Bank Holiday Morrisons Shop

Last week I was one of the lucky BritMums bloggers chosen to receive £80 Morrisons vouchers for a bank holiday shopping (and social media) spree; not my usual supermarket as it's a bit of a drive from home. But as you know, dear readers, I am prepared to travel to shop. 

We normally weekly-shop sporadically,  buying enough for a few meals and then whatever takes our fancy. At the end of a busy week we have little time for thinking about meals too far in advance; the sofa calls us both.  So we took advantage of a quiet Friday night and hit the (teeny) aisles with inspiration from their online Recipes and Ranges section, while Grandparents looked after toddler-daughter.  I tweeted a few thoughts about mojitos, steak and cake and was pretty flexible about what other goodies went in the trolley, as long as they offered value for money. 

Turned out Morrisons offered a lot of value (and I love the cute bags):

We bought enough Morrisons fresh produce and goodies for a luxurious long we…

Blog: Morrisons 1

All my dreams came true - I finally won a shopping spree!This Bank Holiday weekend I'll be pottering around Morrisons loading up my trolley with goodies that Mr S15 normally wouldn't approve of (basically anything with a very near sell-by date and lots of bread).Yes, I'm a #MorrisonsMum, one of the lucky bloggers who won £80 of gift vouchers this weekend.Blogging does pay, then! So, to the recipe finder on the Morrison's website (I'm still in work as I plan) – Strawberry Mojitos. (Yay for a three-day weekend)Gingered steak stirfryLime and pistachio cake.