Unstylish day out

Yesterday we planned to spend the afternoon out, as a family.  Even though it was raining, we were going to Go Out In It.  Toddler-daughter was thrilled at a puddle-jumping opportunity and ran for her wellies. 

But why does it take fifty minutes to get ready to go out, before you've even taken the car out of the garage?

  • Changing bag - chuck out old snack wrappers 
  • Snack box - remotely healthy and edible in eyes of TD 
  • Flask a - if I've rinsed out why are instructions and strap still inside? 
  • Flask b - quick rinse, chuck in some boiling water.  Two birds and all that. 
  • Try to get hot meal into TD (1.5 fish fingers, but ravioli ditched in favour of journey snacks*) 
  • Microwave - hot milk and coffee for flask 
  • Eat something - so I'm not hungry later 
  • Emergency Mummy snacks - throw a few Snickers into changing bag 
  • Car entertainment - teddy bear for sleepy cuddles, CD for distraction-singing
  • Milk - calculate how much (not enough) and how hot it needs to be to be drunk in three hours 
  • Cat - full dishes?
  • MrS15 - bottle of water and edible snacks that will not ruin dinner 

Not to mention the preparation that began in the morning, trying to make sure TD was suitable tired for a morning, and not afternoon, nap, and counting down from the time we need to leave the house. Style is not all about what you're wearing.

Oh, and did I mention it was raining?

But at least we were outside with a grumpy toddler, who absolutely loves splashing in her wellies, in her wellies; she could splash all day long in her wellies....

*how DO you pack snacks without a hawkeye of a toddler spotting and instantly wanting snacks and/or explaining that they are For Later (when she's having a meltdown in the car because she's tired)?

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