Shiny summer palette

It all started with a bag, as most great stories do. 

Can anyone else walk out of TK Maxx empty-handed? I really can't.  Perhaps it's the bazaar-esque rails of unique finds that tempt me in for hours at a time. 

And when it comes to their bags?  I rotate like a merry-go-round on a sunny day.

And after a few minutes, this little darling winked at me:

Emma Jordan 2014
Kipling Machida bag - Pearlized White

Yeah, at first I thought 'Er, white? I think no.' 

Who wears white?  I have monochrome, I have colour, I have a lot of red, but as I checked through my list of bags on my notes I realised I don't have a white bag; a search at home revealed nope, I definitely don't have any white bags.

Now, my colours for most seasons, are navy, red, black and green; I use white in my accessories to signify summer - a cardy or jacket, or in stripes on a tee shirt.

But, dear readers, I don't think I fully mentioned a dress I bought a few weeks ago from a House of Fraser Brand Sale...a simple grey sweater dress (at last!) with pockets (a must) and a gorgeous sparkly neckline:

Emma Jordan 2014
Linear at House of Fraser

And just like any good narrative, bag met dress

Emma Jordan 2014

The combination of white and grey mutes the white and livens the grey, so now the search is on for some shoes - I'm thinking silver metallic sandals to keep with the palette and bring out the sparkle in the necklace. 

Let me know if you have any recommendations.


  1. I love white bags - especially in the summer when I practically live in navy and white with the odd red or turquoise accessory thrown in for good measure. And shoes, yes, you must definitely buy new shoes to match your new bag. It's the law, isn't it?

    1. Hmmm, metallic gladiator-esque sandals (ie, not the ones halfway up my legs), with a few turquoise stones would look pretty, and uphold the law - win!