Feel Good Fast

In need of a bit of a boost?

Inspired by a Mumsnet thread - here are my top tips to feel good fast:
  • BB cream offers flawless skin (with a bit of blending) and is perfect for days when you have to go out, even if you don't really want to.  Most cosmetic brands offer a BB choice; I use George at Asda, No 7 and Clinique CC cream.
  • In this weather wearing Sunnies instantly perks me up and simultaneously keeps the world - and it's chaos - at bay.
  • Drinking a glass of water lifts your physical and metaphysical states. 
  • Watch a silly video online for a quick chuckle.
  • Listen, and dance to, Latin music. Dance with your toddler/children and watch how entertaining they are when they dance like no one, except a giggly parent, is watching. 
  • Go window shopping and spend a fortune in your head on all the goodies you'd love to buy; if you have time try things on. Dreaming is uplifting. 
  • Apply nail polish.  This is where stored Boots Advantage points are handy because you can treat yourself to a new colour relatively guilt-free.
  • Put the kettle on and drink a cup of tea in a cup and saucer. Very mindful.
  • Block out time for you in your diary at the next free space. And plan a relaxing activity. 
  • Watch Mike and Molly, or any other 30 minute comedy show that has you chortling. 
  • Quiet time - turn off the TV and Radio and move away from the washing machine. Sometimes a bit of quiet is all you need.
Keep on styling.


  1. Great hints, thank you! (although window shopping? Really? I used to window shop when I was a broke, terribly-worried-about-my-appearance teenager, so perhaps I am prejudiced against it!)

  2. Yeah, definitely, cheers me up seeing what the latest styles are and how shops interpret them, like reading a fashion magazine in 3D. Then I go for coffee afterwards if I have time!

  3. Top ideas, I am a big fan of sunnies - all year round, for the very reasons you mention. Totally, agree re. nail varnish - makes such a difference.
    Lovely ideas that I will remember.

  4. Thanks, Gemma, being a Mum is fab but me-time is squashed into bullet points haha!