Ode to Shopping

Any season, any sale,
My natural habitat? Retail.
Paris to Shenzhen, Hong Kong to New York
Shopping, for me, is more than a walk
On a Saturday afternoon;  
It’s my anchor, my flight to the moon.
Sixteen hour trips around Asian stalls
Twelve hour adventures around outlet malls  
(In the States or the UK – I just need to hear
“Shall we go...?” My bag is always near).  

October now closes with staff on their knees
As they tinsel and bauble their Christmas trees  
Only three more pay days until January –
Or until Christmas Eve, for the unwary.   
Pantomime celebs have their contracts ready
For switching on the lights...ready...steady...
Sit back and relax, my shopping’s mostly done,
Time to enjoy the urgent pre-24th sales
While watching the skaters in the cold crisp air;
An additional benefit of shopping all year.   

PS - Boots have another 1200 points on a £50 spend event on 31st October.  If you spent on October 10th, you should have received another 500 points voucher, too; check your receipts. 

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