Friday, 17 October 2014

Blogging connections

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It's Friday night, and I've had a marvellous evening, wolfing Revels and connecting with other bloggers - there truly are some fantastic writers out there, sharing their lives, their injustices, their hopes and their anxieties.

I feel re-energised as a writer. 

Mr S15S, according to toddler-daughter, has gone off to a 'happy birthday tea party' (well, how else do you explain that her Daddy is enjoying the bar and buffet at a retirement do?) so I've had the sofa and remote to myself (Lee Evans and QVC) and guilt-free tapping away on the laptop (no furtive swipes on the smartphone for me tonight).

However, Little S15S will no doubt be awake early, eager to begin her potty training adventures.

So I'll bid thee n'night, before I swan off to bed with Grazia magazine.  

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Autumn Style Signifiers

Scrunching leaves underfoot with toddler-daughter, chasing the last of the dandelion clocks, I've waited patiently for the seasonal shift in the weather.

You know, when the last of the summer warmth clears off on holiday for a few months, the sunrise (when she appears) is near-blinding, and of course retail shelves jostle Halloween and Christmas goodies.

And proper Autumn is here at last, because this weekend I treated my toe nails to their first coating of Chanel's Rouge Noir, the polish glamorised by the iconic Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. This black/red colour reminds me of a lovely glass of red, too, and is the most-often worn from my collection throughout the rest of the year.

I had a rainy day in with toddler-daughter yesterday, playing with wooden beads for hours (lovely change from worrying about SPF), which of course means I can spend rainy nights in, with the pile of unread glossies I've accumulated this month  (much cheaper to subscribe to your favourite magazines, so you can treat yourself to the scrummy beauty buys inside).

And when I did have to nip out briefly yesterday, it was time for the transition between the September scarf (lighter, only worn because it's September and everyone wears pretty scarves once school is back in session) to the woolly scarf which snuggles around my neck three times.

The serious winter coats also came out of the loft this weekend, and toddler-daughter has pottered off to nursery in three layers and her puffa Hello Kitty coat from last year. I do hope to enjoy a few more stylish days before I'm bundled up like I'm back in the Arctic circle. 

What gorgeous goodies signify the start of your Autumn?

Friday, 3 October 2014

Here come the gifts for the girls

Just had to take a little break from editing to share some exciting beauty news, I hope you don't mind.

A friend shared on Facebook that she treated herself to the Selfridges Advent Calendar this morning....and it looks gorgeous!

Now, I spent an hour in Boots yesterday checking out their Christmas gifts (they've installed some lovely bookshelves to show off their gorgeous seasonal goodies; smart move - I already want to buy one of everything from Soap and Glory).  And I started wondering where their Advent Calendar was.

A quick Google later and this very helpful information from Cosmopolitan magazine turned up, alerting us girls to a plethora of beauty advent calendars available over the next few weeks.  When you've chosen the one you want, hunt it down, roping in family and friends if necessary....last year I couldn't make up my mind and spent a fruitless December trying to track down 25 mini goodies to see me through the festive season.  Apparently, October is the month to treat ourselves!

Benefit....available from 16th October
Selfridges....on sale now
Ciate....on sale now
Liberty....from November
Jo Malone....from 20th October (or, at £250 you could treat yourself to a 30ml and a holiday)
The Body Shop....8th October
No 7 .... 29th October (warning, link contains detailed product info from the Really Ree blog)
Elemis....available now
L'Occitane...3rd November

(above links updated 15th October 2014)

Check the Cosmo article for full details of locations.

I have my eye on Boots' No 7, unless a Lotto win turns up, in which case I'll interupt Mumsnet's Blogfest with a little hop to Regent Street for Liberty's feel gorgeous scrummies.

Which beauty calendar will see you through to the Christmas Eve sales?

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Where the blog am I?

If you took a look at my current tri-planning system, calculating income streams for the next quarter, you'd have a proper giggle (perhaps).  (Tri-planning because I can't be the only one who uses a smartphone, a paper diary and random online documents to organise her life by). 

Dear Readers, I have not abandoned you, or style, or the world of blogging (ye Gods, no!), rather I've whooshed from publishing my first book, to upskilling my marketing skills, and landed smack bang in the middle of Book 2 AND the middle of September. 

Before we know it the Boots Christmas Gift Guide will be upon us and the queues will circumnavigate The Trafford Centre.

So, in the manner of a store temporarily altering the window display, I've my head stuck in my book for a few weeks, and then I'll be back, directing my lovely readers to all manner of retail, style, parenting and just flipping well gorgeous delights.

I especially have my eye on posting a Per Una review, once I've recovered from the shock that they actually have some fabulous dresses that suit my clean-lines-only fuctionality (take a peek next time you're in M&S to see what I'm on about). 

So, why not bare with me; how's your early Autumn treating you?  Are you inundated with blackberries and leaves as your children wonder at the change in seasons? Or are you panicking about where to hold your office Christmas shindig?  Answers in the comments box, merci.